Answers To The Tour Guide Quiz

If you want to become a Tour Guide, you will have to be 45 days old. Then you will have to go to the Ski Village. There you will see a “Tour Guide Stand”. Walk on it, and click the “I Want to Become A Tour Guide Button”. Then take the quiz. The answers to the Tour Guide Quiz are…
1. Black puffle can catch fire
2. In the Boiler Room
3. The Pet Shop does not have any music playing
4. Skips with a skipping rope
5. The Viking Helmet is
6. There are 4 sled tracks
7. Ski Lodge, or the answer to #7 could be>> Walk on top of it
8. Beach
9. The Migrator
10. A flower pot
11. Thursday
12. Mullet
13. Jetpack Adventure
14. 60

Now you are a Tour Guide!
(To make sure you are a Tour Guide you should check your inventory. If you have a Tour Guide Hat, you are a Tour Guide!)



2 Responses to “Answers To The Tour Guide Quiz”

  1. pj Says:

    i am one of them so HAHA

  2. darthdlule32 Says:

    no1 givs

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